About Me

I guess you could say I’m a modern day Renaissance Man. I’ve lived on four continents (North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia – well, I also lived in Middle America, but the geographer in me considers it part of north America), six countries (Panama, Germany, Liberia, Laos, Thailand, and the US), and visited countless more (too many to list, hence the “countless” part).

I love to travel, and recently had the opportunity of traveling across Spain, walking on the Camino de Santiago. Not once, not twice, but three separate occasions (the longest took me over a month and covered over 1,000 km).

I’ve been a professional photographer, National Park Service Ranger (best career I ever left), a police officer, a tow-truck driver, a college instructor, a private investigator, a fraud examiner/forensic accountant, an inventor, and an entrepreneur. My other writing endeavors include several articles on modern sea piracy, economics, and the private investigation of fraud. I can safely take down a 100′ Douglas fir, weld together a trailer, convert a Sprinter cargo van into a campervan, analyze spreadsheets for fraud, snorkel, and walk while chewing (sugar free) bubble gum across the Iberian Peninsula.

I live on the top of a small mountain in the foothills of Washington’s Cascade Mountains with my first (and only) wife (married over 20 years!), two Labrador retrievers, two barn cats, and whatever adult daughter returns to the nest. I’ve attended 10 colleges and universities, two law enforcement academies, have three degrees (all in geography – so guess my education level), and multiple certificates (I really like learning).

Some of the things I enjoy doing include shooting (rifles and pistols only – can’t stand shotguns), fishing (I’m a certified angling instructor), traveling, and reading.  I’m currently attempting to learn to play the guitar, but it’s been a struggle (not enough time to practice).

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