G’day, eh.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m the author of the Corps of Discovery series (not the ghost author), so if you enjoy speculative fiction, you’ve come to the right place.  Never having blogged, this should be interesting. I don’t post much, or often, but I’ll occasionally throw something out there, so stay tuned.

Cute photo below.  I think it reflects the second book, Trekker.


4 thoughts on “Greetings”

  1. James; Thanks for picking up where Steve Sterling left off with his parallel world novel “Conquistador” I always felt he dropped the ball on that one as a series – now yours to pick up.
    I’ve been reading SF since I started reading Astounding S F magazine in 1956 (I’m only 86 going on 87) perhaps I could count all the Jules Verne books in 1945
    Anyway, I’ve got 23years service in the Navy, Air Force and the Texas Air National Air Guard. I’ve been involved in aviation since 1950, as a Civil Air Patrol Cadet. I worked for Flight Safety inc, went to the U of H school of architecture, then went back to aviation as a Flight Engineer instructor on the 707, 727, 747, and a sim instructor on the 737 in all with American Airlines for 37 years. So if you need some sort of aviation advice, just ask away. Your choice of aircraft is ok, I would have added theTwin Otter, but how would you handle obtaining maintenance and overhaul for the turboprop engines? Sneak them back to our world.
    Keep the books coming.
    Hal Davey

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    1. Thanks Hal – Conquistador is actually one of my favorite novels. I was working on Surveyor when it and Outland by Dennis Taylor and I thought, “Crap, there goes my plot line.” But, I’d say it worked out well.

      BTW, I thought about using a Twin Otter, but the DHC-4 is, IMNSHO, a better bird – more capacity plus a rear drop ramp. The Goose and the Caribou will both be extensively used in Openings (which I’m not over 40K words on).

      Always glad to have an aviation expert handy for referencing. I might send you snippets of the book to review for technical consistency.


  2. Unlike the previous gent, I do not have that length of time reading sci fi / fantasy under my belt. I am a young 62 with time working for uncle sugar in the deep water navy. But I got broken and was ask/told to leave. I have read a great many books though and have trained myself to read from a tablet. This is how I encountered your books and damned glad I did. Wonderful yarns that you spin keep me entertained. Sorry I don’t have any expertise to offer just words of encouragement for you to keep writing well written books.
    Eugene E. Hildebrand
    P.S. I am with you on the cowardly acts perpetrated by a carrot and his brain washed legions.


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