Issues in publishing

Well, so far I’ve managed to make Surveyor available on Amazon Kindle, but am still awaiting them to mail my paperback version so I can proof and approve it.  They’ll notify me when they mail it, so until they do, it’s a waiting game.

CreateSpace found issues with my cover (not sure why, I think the cover artist did a great job).  I hope to resolve that today.

The big problem is converting the book to an ePub format (used extensively throughout the world).  I had installed the Nook reader app on my computer, so every time I tried to open ePub, it saved as a Nook format.  This did not translate well to other readers (such as Kobo in Canada, eh – special shout out to Pete Drewcock for working with me on this by reviewing all the versions I sent him).  I removed the Nook app, so the latest version worked fine.  Just need to tweak it (more html work) before it’s set to go (but I’ve got papers to grade – did I mention I’m a college “Affiliate Professor” or something like that?)

Back to the salt mines.

2 thoughts on “Issues in publishing”

  1. Very good book! Mt. St. Helens does not have an apostrophe, however . Anxious to read the sequel, and would be delighted to be a beta reader. There are a few format glitches with random paragraph indentation, and a few Oxford commas didn’t make it into your timeline.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Alas, even with all the editing and proof-reading, things slip by (but I can’t believe I put an apostrophe in Mt. St. Helens – zoinks). I’ll definitely keep you in mind for the beta reading, but it’ll be several more months – only about a third of the way through the first draft).


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