Reviews are interesting things.  As a business person (I invented and sell the Simple Shower), I’m always looking at reviews.  What have I done right or missed? How could I make the experience better? Sometimes (as was pointed out to me during my cop days), I’m my own worst critic.

Well, until now.  It appears somebody didn’t like the political framework that Surveyor is based on, and instead of looking at the story and plot line, based the review on politics.  Um, it’s fiction, dude!  Fiction. That means, it ain’t real.  It’s a story line.  I can understand not liking how the author writes (many out there I can’t stand), or the genre (I can’t stand several – don’t expect to catch me reading a Jane Austin historical romance), or the protagonist, the ending, etc.  But, giving a crap review because you didn’t like the world building (and then using name-calling to emphasize your own point of view)?  Well, c’est la vie.  Your right, your perspective.

If you’re going to review a book, though, reach back into your secondary school days and remember what a review is supposed to be – a summary of the book and what you liked or didn’t like about it.

Here are a couple of good articles on how to write book reviews.

How to Write a Book Review

How to Write a Good Book Review (I really like this one)

And for Amazon specific reviews, here’s a good one: Tips for Writing Amazon Reviews.

Violating these review rules throws you into the chucklehead section of the bleachers.

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