Recommendation for a Mystery Thriller

When I was a cop (gah – almost 30 years ago!), I worked with a police officer named Mark Bergin. After 30 years, Mark retired as a Lieutenant (but he was a beat cop when I worked with him). Prior to his work as a police officer, he was a newspaper reporter (I think I used to call him a “Cub Reporter”). Now he’s working toward publishing his first novel. You can read more about him, and you can actually read the first chapter of his book, on the website below. He needs 250 people to pre-order the book in order for the publisher to move forward on the project (and, yes, I already ordered one). If you’re looking for a new book to start the new year (and you’ve already purchased and gifted numerous copies of Surveyor), and you want to support a good guy starting a new career, check it out….

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