Just because…

One good thing about traveling is the opportunity to write.  One bad thing about traveling is the lack of opportunity to write.  I’m currently in Oceanside, CA – it’s about 7 AM (I’ve been grading final exams for the past hour) and about to head down to Ensenda, Mexico. So, what does all this have to do with writing?  On the flight from Seattle to San Diego I was able to crank out about 1200 words – not a lot for the flight length, but more than I’ve managed over the last couple of days.

Will I get any more writing done this weekend?  Not sure.  The plan is to visit Ensenada with my youngest spawn (who is finishing up 10 weeks of intensive art study at the Watts Atelier in Encinitas, CA) and cousin (who just moved to San Diego) for the weekend. Why? Just because.

Just because I’ve never been to Mexico.

Just because I’m this close to Mexico, and the opportunity presents itself.

Just because I’d like to visit a foreign speaking nation other than Canada (eh).

Just because I like to travel.

Just because I enjoy experiencing new things and cultures.

Just because I want a Negra Modelo in Mexico.

Just because.

Life is full of “just because’s” so take advantage of them when you have the opportunity.

Of course, will I be able to write?  Likely not, especially since after spending the weekend in Mexico youngest spawn and I will be driving back to Enumclaw (2200 km).   Just because.

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