Well, the going is slow right now. I feel like I’m slogging through things. Of course, the fact that it’s January and I’ve got to get all the business stuff in line (ugh – taxes – at least I’m done with those forms), and the crisis in Cape Town, South Africa seems to be generating a fair amount of interest in the Simple Shower (my invention – buy one on Amazon or at  In case you haven’t heard, the government shut off the water supply because the reservoirs are practically bone dry and have water distribution sites where people get 25-50 liters of water per day (that’s the equivalent of 6.5-13 gallons a day). Not a lot. Luckily, the Simple Shower (btw, featured in Surveyor) can get one clean with as little as 4 liters (well, some people need less, I use three, the final liter being the “aaaahhhhh” liter).

I suspect I’ll get little writing done this week, but we’ll see. I managed to knock out another thousand or so words today (despite having been working since 6:30 AM and it’s now after 9:30 PM).  Almost up to 48K words.  With any luck I’ll be over 50K by next weekend (keep your fingers crossed).

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