Well, it’s been a while since I posted. For good reason. I’ve been busy. Along with checking out colleges for the youngest spawn (I believe she’ll be attending Digipen Institute of Technology in the fall – so buy lots of copies of Surveyor, tell your friends to buy lots of Surveyor, and if you want to be on the pre-release of Trekker, shoot me an e-mail with Trekker in the subject heading) I’ve been working, teaching, and writing (and watching the odd stupid movie, like Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (a totally stupid move that I thoroughly enjoyed!).

Speaking of Trekker, I decided to deviate from my usual chronological writing style, and jump forward into the story to get the creative juices flowing again. That seemed to do the trick, as I’ve pumped out several thousand words this week, and should be over 60K by the end of the day.  Don’t expect Trekker to be as long as Surveyor, but you’ll find it to be more action packed. No spoilers.

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