Other WIP

So, along with Explorer, I’m working on two other books right now. The first is the backstory, which I’m calling Openings. It’s about when Dr. Bowman opens up the gate for the first time (the prologue in Surveyor was actually the first draft of Openings). Great plot line and really sets up for Surveyor and the YA novel I’m writing.

I’ve never written a YA (Young Adult) novel, but I’ve read enough. Those of you whom have read Heinlein’s stuff, like Tunnel in the SkyHave Space Suit, Will Travel or other similar works, or Harry Turtledove’s Crosstime series will have read some YA novels. They’re enjoyable, and I wanted to try and spread the whole multiverse concept to young readers, especially those in the 13-17 age range (although I’m sure many adult readers will enjoy it). One little tidbit – Meri is 13!

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