Explorer Blurb

So, here’s the blurb for Explorer (still waiting on feedback from a reader and the cover art – the latter of which I should get the first draft on Tuesday):

A country ripped apart with a secret that’s about to change the universe.

For Corps of Discovery Explorer Bill Clark, exploring parallel worlds in the multiverse is all in a day’s work, so entering the Confederate States of America was easy.  Leaving is a different matter.

Being hunted by some of the most dangerous people on this alternate timeline, the small team of Explorers must use their wits, skills, and experiences to outsmart their deadly foes and get home. Even if that means leaving the secret of a new technology behind, one that will shift the balance of power. But Bill isn’t about to do that. The stakes are too high.

The Explorers have been in dangerous situations before, but this one is different. This time, getting out alive may well prove impossible.

One thought on “Explorer Blurb”

  1. Can’t wait to read the next book! If you want someone to volunteer to read your drafts…. count me in.
    Lots of experience editing/grammar and reading for coherence and continuity.

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