No, not the title of a new book. Sadly, it’s what just transpired in Washington, DC. Like many, I was shocked by the events that transpired. Unlike many, I was not surprised. I have seen this building up for years. There is a great divide in our country right now, and unless cooler heads prevail, it will get worse.

I know, as a novelist, I should stay out of politics. I write for your entertainment, not to espouse my viewpoints. But, this is one time I will say something, which I hope all will take to heart.

If you’re carrying the battle flag of the Confederacy, I see you as a racist traitor to the United States and democracy. It’s quite simple. That flag has no place here. It’s the flag of violent treason.

If you think the Southern States seceded for states rights, then I suggest you read the actual articles of secession. Most state they were doing so because of slavery. Don’t take my word for it, find the documents and read them yourself.

If you’re carrying a Nazi flag, I see you as a racist hater of the United States and democracy.

If you’re wearing a shirt that says 6MWE (6 Million Wasn’t Enough) or Camp Auschwitz, I see you as an anti-Semitic racist hater. I have been to Dachau. I saw the evidence of the horror perpetrated by Nazis. Anyone that supports this is one sick puppy.

If you’re wearing a shirt with Che Gueverra, I see you as a racist homophobe who finds mass murder acceptable.

If you’re carrying a flag with the hammer and sickle on it, I see you as one who supports authoritarianism and mass murder.

I saw enough death caused by communist dictators when I volunteered to help at a refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border shortly after Vietnam invaded Cambodia. As a 17 year old, one of my tasks was moving people who had died from starvation from the make-shift hospital to the “stiff tent” (the tent where those that just died were placed prior to burial).

If you’re marching with people carrying these flags or wearing these shirts, how can I tell that you don’t support these ideals?

If you’re marching with these people, and you don’t believe their sick ideologies, but don’t force them out, then you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

Become part of the solution.

4 thoughts on “Insurrection”

  1. I think you’re right on with the possible exception of the Confederate Flag. For many, but not all, it does indeed act as a symbol of States rights/Southern culture. Because its birth is so rooted in pro-slavery, it needs to be replaced. With what I don’t know.

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    1. Respectfully, FredinBoise, the Confederate battle flag represents one thing – an adherence to slavery. That’s what it’s rooted in, and that is what the articles of secession state, regardless of what many may think. I understand the concept of “heritage” and “culture” but, IMNSHO, that is not the type of heritage or culture that one should be proud of.

      I’m a strong proponent of the 10th Amendment and State’s Rights, but waving a traitorous flag is not a good way to show belief in that.

      As to what to replace it with, I advocate the US Flag 🙂


      1. The articles referenced were written by the Southern 2% elites for the elites. The common, poor white dude who went to war barefoot was fighting more for local State’s Rights.
        Perspective: a good field hand could sell for as much as $2,000. A 40 acre farm with house could be bought for $500. A University study should that 4% of the population owned 98% of the slaves. It also showed that just 1% of the population owned more than five slaves. Thus it was clearly the big plantations that had “all” the slaves; those were the people in the Confed Gov’t. They used State’s Rights to con the mostly poor white farmers into being their cannon fodder.

        At any rate, agree the Confed Flag does not belong in any State Capitol or gov’t building/park.


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