Signed copies of my books

Hmm. Maybe I’m missing out on a marketing trend, but here goes. If you want a signed copy of any of my books, let me know. I’m charging $25 (plus shipping, which is about $3). We can arrange payments through PayPal. Just shoot me a message. I currently have 1 copy of Surveyor, 9 copies of Trekker, and 19 copies of Explorer (actually on the way – should be here next week).

I also have a couple of copies of my little cookbook Camino Eats for the Solo Vegan available for $10 (plus shipping). It’s for anyone walking the Camino de Santiago (see my posts from Summer of 2019). Not just for vegans, but that’s mostly what I am (although I do eat cold-water variety fish and some cheeses) – health reasons, not for some vague idealistic reason, so don’t expect me to push my diet on you 🙂 (even my cookbook doesn’t).

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