5.7x28mm now NATO

Today I found out that the 5.7x28mm (you remember, the cartridge used in the PDW-1) how now been designated as the 5.7x28mm NATO. This means it will become a standard issue caliber for NATO forces in their FN FiveseveN pistols and FN P-90. Unfortunately, the PDW-1 is still fiction, so it won’t be used any time soon.

So, what does it mean when a caliber is designated NATO? From FN Herstal (the manufacturer) – As a NATO standardized caliber, the 5.7x28mm caliber provides armies with the guarantee of interchangeability between ammunition from different manufacturers and operational efficiency in weapons of this caliber.

So, like the venerable 7.62 x 51mm NATO, the 5.56x45mm NATO, the 9x19mm NATO, and the 12x99mm NATO (aka .50 caliber), the 5.7x28mm gets the same NATO designation. Apparently it’s offered in five different bullets: ball (usually called full metal jacket), tracer, subsonic, frangible, and blank.

Do I now need to change the name of the caliber from 5.7x28mm to 5.7x28mm NATO? Naw, I’ll keep it as is.

2 thoughts on “5.7x28mm now NATO”

  1. I read one critique on Amazon complaining of Bill using this round to make an accurate shot at 100 yards. Apparently, they didn’t think the round was accurate enough of powerful enough to hit and kill a smilodon through the eye. It’s a pretty well known fact that the .22 WMR round, which is only a little less powerful, is the preferred round of poachers in the eastern woodlands. This is because it is both powerful enough, and accurate enough to take down deer with a single well placed shot, and not be heard very far in the woods. A trained marksman can make the shot successfully, so well written.

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  2. Thanks. I’m actually a trained precision rifle shooter (confirmed hit of 1200 yards) and do a lot of shooting, so when it comes to shooting, one could say I’m pretty knowledgeable about it 🙂 I saw that same review and shared it with friends (we all got a chuckle out of it – apparently I also hate America).


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