While Openings is going through the alpha-review process, I’ve started on the next in The Hayek Chronicles series, Reset. Not sure where it’s going (as all my other novels when I start them), but I’ve got an idea. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m already near two thousand words.

For those wondering when I’ll get back to the Corps of Discovery series, I do have book four started, but want to wrap up Book 2 of The Hayek Chronicles before I delve back into that. Way too many ideas floating around this skull, and not enough time to get them all written when I want to.

12 thoughts on “Reset”

  1. Really enjoyed the Surveyor series and looking for the next book in that one. However as soon as the Hayek books come out I will read them.. any update on the first one being released?


    1. Alas, I’ve been swamped with other things (wrapping up the semester teaching at DigiPen Institute of Technology – and proud to see my daughter graduate from their yesterday with her BFA in Digital Art & Animation) and fraud cases (lots of fraud out there).

      Fortunately, I’ve got foot surgery coming up, so I’ll be chairborne for the next couple of weeks, so should be able to wrap up the second draft, then off to the editor and then the third and final draft).


      1. Sounds busy.. 🙂 Hope your surgery goes well and we see you back up and about soon.


  2. Surgery went (unfortunately, I think I may have pulled some stitches when I accidently ran my crutch into a chair and stumbled on the foot that had surgery – will find out Wednesday).

    In the meantime, the second draft of Openings was completed and sent to the editor on Saturday (Yay, me!). Turnaround time with her is usually about a week or two, then another week or two to hit the publish button. While I wait, I work and write.


  3. I’ve been layed up almost a month with my back. Wish I could say I was getting much done. Most of what I need to do needs a body to do.. Every time I get impatient and try, I’m reminded I’m not the smartest stick in the box as I extend my time in bed. 🙂


    1. Watch YouTube videos on things you want to learn. I’m learning lots (particularly how to avoid motorcycle accidents). Can only work a few hours a day right now (ergonomics, pain, etc.).


  4. lol I should but every time I go on that site of evil I get sucked sideways into current affairs and waste all my time getting depressed. Mostly I have been reading and listening to audio books. Did get some painting done on my back deck where I just sat in a comfortable chair and used a brush on the railing.

    Oh the evil Motorcycle!! I loved riding but didn’t do it for long a year or so. The day I bought a bike I made a promise that if it looked as if I was going to die young riding it I would sell it. After 3 incidents in a few months 2 of which were people running me over and one with me making an error of judgement. I ran a quick statistical analysis of my long term prognosis and sold the bike. Wasn’t hurt badly thankfully, didn’t even do much damage to bike but when I looked at the back of the helmet split open it was sobering. If I hadn’t been wearing it I would have had brains leaking on the pavement. Still look at them longingly once in a while but have stayed with my decision the last 30 years and am still alive 🙂

    Just finished with a pain management appointment with dr today and they want me to change pain/anti inflammatory meds again. Sigh. All treating the symptoms with no one willing to dig deeper on causes. Not that they won’t do test’s etc.. but end result is always, we don’t know or a side track trip for tests for stuff we have done before or that is so unrelated to be ridiculous. I can look up some crazy cool research in medical journals for stuff that might make real changes that’s been out 12 to 20 years now and the Doctors I have access to have never even heard of it and are not interested in even taking a look. Stuff that directly affects their specialization and not even willing to look at it. It leaves me feeling as if they really aren’t interested in truly helping just slapping the insurance and pharma industries one size fits all recommendation on me that leads to regular consumption of products for the rest of my life. I want to win the lottery so I have to money to say f##( you to them all and get on a plane to go see the doctors that are doing to cutting edge research and products that are aimed at treating causes not symptoms. I have noticed that none of those products get past the FDA even though they have decent study’s and they are starting to be approved in other countries.


  5. Not even gonna try to address the medical stuff, other than to say, all the physicians I know truly care (I ski with a bunch every Wednesday – the Crystal Mountain Ski & Scotch Club) and am married to one who cared a lot about her patients (to the point where the kids told her “you love your patients more than you love us” after she spent one of her weekends off delivering a baby).


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