Covid sucks!

Well, here I am, more than two weeks out from the 20BooksVegas22 conference, and still testing positive for Covid. Grrr!

At least the fever has passed (about a week ago). According to the CDC, I’m free to roam around with a mask on. Meanwhile, I’ve been in quarantine from the fam since before Thanksgiving. I missed that Thanksgiving, so we’re having another one tomorrow (hopefully I won’t test positive tomorrow).

If you have Covid, stay away from others, drink lots of OJ, and try to do something constructive (I’ve had no creative ability for the past two weeks, so it’s been mostly reading other people’s work and watching YouTube videos). One of the books I read was Kevin Ikenberry’s “The Crossing”, a good jaunt into John Ringo’s 1632 universe. Highly recommend it.

One thought on “Covid sucks!”

  1. I just got Covid too. Must have had a different variant as I didn’t have a fever. Just the usual aches and that nasty, awful coughing. Got a bacterial sinus infection out of it too.
    But after a week I’m now testing NEGATIVE! 🙂


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