Embracing AI

With all the gnashing of teeth and wailing by writers and artists, I’m going against the flow by embracing Artificial Intelligence. Not in the aspect of actual writing, but for translation purposes.

Using an AI software program, I’m able to translate my works into other languages, thereby reaching more readers in other countries. Is it perfect? No. I have to have people proofing and copy editing to make it so. Is it costing me money? It most certainly is, but far, far less than paying a human to translate things. Think about it – a translation of just one of my books into one language would cost about $12,000 (yes, there are three zeroes after the 2!). I’m doing this for a fraction of the cost. Four books translated into German and one book translated into Spanish has cost about $100 so far. And, I’ll be able to do another 54 books this year on that single payment!

First up, Germany (thanks to having my books be compared to the famous German novelist Karl May). Second up, Spanish, then French, and then, who knows?

Change is coming people – best to either embrace it and adapt or be considered extraneous to the economic system.

BTW, any work derived from my original work is considered derivative works protected under copyright laws.

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