I blame you!

That was the subject matter of a recent email to fellow novelist, Shawn Inmon. What on Earth did Shawn do to get blamed for? Simple – his writing took away from mine!

Let me explain. No, that would take too long. Let me sum up. Shawn and I (along with aspiring crime/thriller writer Ken W.) hooked up for lunch last week while I was in Olympia having my motorcycle go through its 300 mile tune-up. The upshot is, I wound up buying A Door into Time: An Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure. So, on a recent, long flight, where I had planned to spend time writing, I spent the time reading instead. Damn you, Shawn Inmon 🙂 I blame you.

If you’re interested in reading this book (which I highly recommend), you can get it on Amazon or through Shawn’s page (I recommend going through his website).

Openings – now opened!

For those that weren’t on the email list (you really should be on it) or don’t follow me on Facebook (that’s okay). Openings was released in digital format for Kindle two days ago and in paperback format yesterday. You can order your copy through the links on the CHECK OUT THE BOOKS ON AMAZON box at the top right of my home-page (please do so – the links are an affiliate link, which means I make just a little bit more money than just the royalty).

Almost there!

Yay! The cover art is complete (I really like it) and we’re working on the final steps to publishing. Expect the release before the Memorial Day Weekend.

If you want to be on the mailing list to know as soon as it’s published (so you can get your copy fast!), shoot me a message.

Soon, Grasshopper. Soon.

I know, many of you have been waiting for Openings, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer. Why? Because I switched cover artists. I already had a cover finished, but I wasn’t as happy with it, so when I saw another author’s cover that I liked, I got in contact with that author and the artists.

I really, really, really, like what the new artist is doing. I think you will, too. So, how much longer? Figure on another two weeks. Hopefully before Memorial Day weekend. I’ll send out an email to all those on my mailing list before the release date – so be sure to get your copy as soon as it’s available (always good to sell a lot of books – Amazon algorithms then put you at the top of people’s viewing lists).

Too many WIPS!

Ok, so I know that sometimes I tend to do more than I should (my wife says I can’t say “No” to a project), so here’s my conundrum. I’ve got three Works In Progress (WIP) not including Openings. The issue is that I’d like to knock them out one at a time, rather than working on them simultaneously (as I’ve been doing). Which one first?

The three books are a sequel to Openings, a fourth book in the Corps of Discovery Series, and a stand-alone YA novel (based on Hayek a few years before Surveyor). BTW, none of this includes any of the other books I’ve got floating around in my overactive brain case.

In case you’re wondering where this is going, it’s my way of processing how to proceed. At bat is the YA novel, with Reset (the sequel to Openings) on deck. Sorry fans of Bill of Meri, but you’re gonna have to wait a bit, as the fourth in the Corps of Discovery series is in the hole (gotta love baseball terminology – did I ever tell you I played baseball from the 1st through 6th grade?).

I think my AU series of a tank destroyer unit (haven’t decided if it’ll be at the company, battalion, or CRT level yet) is gonna have to wait another year 😦 (very sad face, I really want to get this out). But, don’t despair – it’ll be set in one of the AUs already covered.

Oh, did I mention I still have to work my fraud investigative business (or forensic accounting for fraud as otherwise described), plus I still get to teach my Geography & Cartography for Worldbuilding class once a semester at Digipen Institute of Technology (love teaching there – great, smart kids – plus my youngest just graduated from there with her BFA in Digital Art & Animation).

“I really enjoyed this one”

Got the draft of Openings back from the editor today. The line above was the second sentence in her email. Gotta love it when you get emails like this. The full sentence was “I really enjoyed this one–I mean, I’ve liked them all, but this was fascinating, it was so great to see how it all started.”

I guess I’ll spend a week or two refining the copy so it either comports with my editor’s comments, or not (remember, if writing, you are the master of your own wordsmith!).

I know, I know. “When will Openings be released James?” or “Damnit Jim, we’re readers, and we gotta read!” Patience grasshopper (or for the newer generation, “Soon, Padwan.”). I’m also tweaking the cover. All while trying to do this after toe joint replacement (ever try to write at a desk with a foot-rest under it, pushing the screen closer to the edge while you have to sit further back due to said position of foot under desk?).

So, back to the original question of “when will Openings be released?” Not certain, but figure within the month. If you’d like advance notice of the release date (i.e., a personal email) make sure you’ve sent me your email. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all my readers/fans/groupies purchased Openings on the release date? That would certainly put the Amazon algorithms up and push my book to the top (I would love to see that #1 New Release banner on the release date – hint, hint).


I’ve decided to coin a new word (along with my previously developed word of waldenglow which is in the forthcoming Openings) – kleptocohort.

How did this word come about? Well, the other day, I was describing the differences between traditional economies, market economies, command economies, and mixed economies in the class I teach at DigiPen Institute of Technology (the class is Geography & Cartography for Worldbuilding). Of course, many of the students were unaware of the differences, with the usual “capitalism is bad” discussion leading to discussions on enlightened self interest, socialism, fascism, and communism.

After class, several students and I were chatting, and we got on the topic of student loans, and how many who have loans want them forgiven. Having had student loans, I would have loved to have this happen, but the fact of the matter is, I took out loans to pay for my education, and I paid them off. Then again, I didn’t take on anywhere near the debt many of the younger generation have taken on. The discussion turned toward whether or not having students loans forgiven was socialism or some form of theft (kleptomaniacy). I think the actual term we were looking for was kleptocohort – a group of people who believe it’s acceptable to steal from others to benefit them individually and their cohort.

Mike Rowe talks about this in his FB postings, describing how some feel student loans should be forgiven, but what about the guy who takes out a loan to start a small business rather than going to college? Their attitude appears to be, not my problem. Hence, my creation of the new word, kleptocohort.


While Openings is going through the alpha-review process, I’ve started on the next in The Hayek Chronicles series, Reset. Not sure where it’s going (as all my other novels when I start them), but I’ve got an idea. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m already near two thousand words.

For those wondering when I’ll get back to the Corps of Discovery series, I do have book four started, but want to wrap up Book 2 of The Hayek Chronicles before I delve back into that. Way too many ideas floating around this skull, and not enough time to get them all written when I want to.