Support your local bookstore

As a reader, I love going into bookstores. I browse through the Sci-Fi and action section, check out the history stuff, and look for other interesting books (sustainable development, forestry, whatever catches my eye). I usually try to come out with at least one book (or movie – preferably a stooopid movie).

Tonight, Wednesday, Dec. 6th, I’ll be launching the release of Surveyor at a local bookstore – A Good Book in Sumner, WA. If you can make it, great. We start at 7 PM and go to 8:30 PM.  If not, there will be other events, such as book signings, in the future.

If you like to hold a real book in your hand while you read, rather than an e-book, then take a minute to go to your local bookstore and request a copy of Surveyor if it’s not on the shelf.

So far, three real brick and mortar bookstores carry (or will be carrying) Surveyor: A Good Book in Sumner, The Sequel in Enumclaw, and the University Bookstore in Seattle. Please visit the and support a local bookstore/business and an indie author.

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