Book Launch

Last night was a first – my first ever book launch/book signing event.  Thankfully, Evelyn Nicholas of Sumner’s A Good Book bookstore had some experience/knowledge of this type of event, because I sure didn’t!  I thought I’d be standing around, drinking wine, and telling stories – well, I guess that’s what I wound up doing. But….. it was under controlled circumstances and guided by probing questions from Evelyn and the hordes of fans that arrived (all two of you – just kidding).

I have to say, I was impressed by how many people showed up – from the Dean of one of the colleges I teach at, to the President of the local Transportation Club that I’m a member off, along with a host of friends (mine and my wife’s).

Thanks to all that came out and helped launch Surveyor (and, yes, Clairese, I’ll get back to the keyboard and continue on Trekker).


One thought on “Book Launch”

  1. I’m glad that to hear that even though I am farther away my words of ‘GET HOME AND WRITE” are still resonating with you! can’t wait to read the next one


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