So, I bought a bottle of tequila for 133 Pesos (or $133 as seen on the price tag).  Roughly $7 US.  Don’t know how good it is (I don’t drink tequila), but I figure if you’re in Mexico, you should get at least one bottle (so I did). Wonder if I’ll ever crack it open.  The label reads “100 Anos” (sorry, it doesn’t really say 100 asses, rather I can’t get the squiggly line over the n to say 100 years), Tequila Reposado.

My Spanish is getting quite the workout.  Most places people speak Spanish to me first (I guess I look like a local). Only one place asked me if I wanted to speak English – “No, your accent’s fine” they said – riiiiight.  Feeling a bit like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards as he fakes an Italian accent – Ahriverderchee (said in a fake southern accent).

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