Loooong drive!

Well, after three days of driving, I finally returned home with Spawn 2.  Mexico was fun, but got absolutely zero writing done (zilch, nada, none). Hope to make up for that later this week, but swamped with paying work in the meantime.  The worst part of the trip was waiting to get through US Customs.  Going through Mexican customs was an experience – just drove (along with hundreds of others) through a set of cameras in a “Nothing to Declare” lane.  Didn’t even speak with a customs official (not used to that – never had that happen ever before, well, except for that inadvertent trip into Burma when I was 17, and a quick swim across the Mekong from Laos to Thailand and back to Laos when I was 12). Weird.  The trip back was quite different though – three and a half hours moving one car length every minute or two before being greeted by an ICE agent at the US border.

Starting in Ensenada, BC (Baja California) we drove to Santa Clarita just north of LA.  The next morn, up and out the door by 7 AM and made it to Ashland, OR (over 600 miles) by about 6:30 PM. Up at 5:30 and out the door shortly after 6:30 and home by 3:15 PM. Even drove by the site where the Amtrak train flew off the bridge and onto I-5. Quite the sight.

Turns out the tequila I brought home is quite tasty 🙂

UPS driver gave me a neat idea for a plot twist – debating on whether or not to include it.  We’ll see.

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