Devin Sinha – singer/songwriter

Last night the esposa and I enjoyed an evening out at one of our favorite restaurants in the Greater Enumclaw Metropolitan Area (a take-off from the movie, Doc Hollywood), Kelly’s Mercantile. Pricey, but enjoyable. One thing we enjoy about going to the Merc is that on the weekends they bring in live music (which is not too loud, mainly because the Merc is a dining establishment, not a nightclub).

Last night we got to see singer/songwriter Devin Sinha for the third time. Once again, he didn’t let us down, and he had recently released his third CD, which we eagerly purchased (you should buy all three, too. They’re awesome!)

If you’ve never heard of Devin, take a moment to check him out. Just after I told my wife I thought Devin’s music was a mix between Bob Dylan (aka Robert A. Zimmerman, Nobel Prize winner for literature) and David Byrne of the Talking Heads, Devin kicked in with his rendition of Dylan’s It Ain’t Me, Babe. Quite ironic. As a nascent guitar player myself, I am amazed at his chording and strumming abilities. Very fun to watch.

Devin has a rather haunting sound when he sings. I can’t quite describe it (at least, according to my SO), but the boss lady says “He’s loose and free with his timing.”

Take a moment to check him out a 

He’s also on Pandora (I’ve got my Devin Sinha station dialed in), Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, and I’m sure other locations.


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