It ain’t just about writing!

Those of you wondering where I’ve been, not to worry. Just had a slight computer issue (upgraded, but lost a lot of my programs, so had to spend time finding them and downloading them, and all the other attendant BS that goes with this). It turns out Office takes 4.5 GB of bandwidth to download. There went half my monthly “anytime data” allowance. Grrr.

Anyhow, changing topics, after looking at the effects of advertising on Facebook (the recent ad didn’t work – back to the drawing board), I decided to do a bit more outreach and look at places where I could get the word about Surveyor out to as many people as possible (naturally, at as little expense as possible). This meant looking at websites that promote authors and those that promote books. I also started looking at blogs, and came across a fantastic one:  If you have time (after buying and reading Surveyor, that is, and then giving me 5 star reviews on Amazon, Kobo, GoodReads, and Barnes & Noble), take some time and browse around the site.  Lots of interesting books, and I’m looking forward to delving further into the multiverse genre.

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