CPE – Continuing Professional Education.  Many licensed or certified professions require a certain amount of CPE every years. Physician’s typically require about 50 hours of CME (Continuing Medical Education) a year, while CPAs might require 25. As a CFE, Certified Fraud Examiner, I’m required to earn 20 hours. Hmm, CFE CPE. Quite cute.  Anyhow, I digress. It would be awesome to go to one of the many “training seminars” that take place around the US or Bahamas to earn my CPE, but it’s not possible (no PI cruises to Alaska or off the coast of Maine for me). Instead, I get to drive for an hour-and-a-half , almost to Olympia, where I get to sit in a hard chair for 7-8 hours, then spend another one-and-a-half hours driving home (in the dark and rain – it was a stormy night….).

Today’s conference was quite good (as always, I learned some new, useful things to fight fraud), but after being gone for 12 hours, I just don’t have the energy to write tonight.  Tomorrow, tomorrow (sing that in the Annie movie tone).

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