For the second time I’ll be attending Norwescon – “the Pacific Northwest’s Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention” (per their website – Looking forward to it. Always lots of interesting workshops and panels. Not sure if I’ll be seeking a publisher for Trekker or continuing to go the Indie route. We’ll see.  If you’re there, let me know. I’ll have books, cards, and a pen 🙂

Last year I went alone (and learned a hell of a lot that pushed Surveyor forward, along with the genesis of Openings – the prequel that the prologue of Surveyor opens with). This year, it turns out the entire fam is going – my wife is working on a memoir, youngest spawn is working on fan fiction (apparently has a larger following than do I!), and who knows what eldest spawn is working on – probably a screenplay.

Anyhow, doubt I’ll get any writing done over the next four days (but you never know – I’ll bring my tablet with me, regardless.

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