The True Value

Somebody on Facebook suggested I drop the price of Surveyor “a couple of bucks.”  Here was my response:

I know many people want to only pay $2.99 (or less) for a book, but isn’t several hours (8-11) of entertainment worth paying more than a Starbucks Latte? Heck, you can’t even get into a movie theater (two hours of entertainment) for less than what you would pay for the paperback version of Surveyor.

Let’s think about this for a bit. Everyone (including me) wants something for nothing, or at least as for as little outlay as possible (I’ve been called “Cheap Charley” so many times I sometimes think that’s my formal name). But, what is the value of something? As most of us know, the more we’re willing to pay for something (car, house, education, etc.), the more we’re invested in it and the more we value it. Basic economics. So, should I reduce the price of my book, which took a year to write and cost a couple of thousand dollars in art and editing fees to produce, to a point where it’s practically valueless to the reader? I think not.


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