Promoting the books

As I learned with the Simple Shower, it’s not good enough to have a great idea – you have to get it in front of people, show them how great it is, and then convince them that the either need or want it. So, how does an author do that? First, start by looking at what others have done. Of course, this always costs money, but what the hey, it’s only money.

BTW, for those that have never published a book, that can add up to quite a bit. Artwork can cost upwards of $1,000 (and heaven forfend if you have to make any changes!) A good editor also costs bucks (once again, your price could equal or exceed $1,000). There’s also a cost involved if you decide to make up paperback copies to disseminate to beta readers (with the attendant postage – there and back, as you want their comments). Yep, self-publishing ain’t cheap.

So, once you’re done, how do you get readers interested? A good blurb (back of the book), e-mails, connecting with reporters, advertising, etc. But from all I’ve learned, the best way is word of mouth (especially if the word is another author with a large following).

Anyhow, if you enjoyed Surveyor, please tell your friends and write a review on Amazon.  In the meantime, back to Trekker.

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