Writing on the road

Well, so much for getting much writing done while on the road. Even with a 9 hour flight from Washington to England, then a 5 hour delay waiting for the flight to Dublin, I barely got any writing done. This is mainly because Norwegian Air flights are so packed that typing on my small keyboard was physically painful 😦  So, unfortunately, not much progress to report on Explorer, the third book in the Corps of Discovery Series.

On another note, Trekker is out to the beta-readers, and so far the comments are mainly positive.

Well, since I’m in Dublin, did you expect me to sit at a computer all day writing? BTW, if touring the Guinness facilities, get your tickets online and go early. Even Sunday morning it took 45 minutes to finally get in (plus side, a beer is included with your ticket purchase).

2 thoughts on “Writing on the road”

  1. Good question. Usually, either I ask people I know who are willing to actually read the material and spend the time providing feedback for me, or they put in a request. I evaluate those requesting based on whether or not they’ve already provided input on the prior book(s). Being a beta reader means providing critical feedback relatively quickly so the novel can become the best possible novel in the shortest amount of time.


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