Still on the Road (actually Camino)

So, not much writing going on – very little internet access. Why, you wonder? Simple – I’m helping my wife fulfill one of her goals since a traumatic car accident that almost killed her just before Christmas, 2015. In mid-April, 2016, when she finally came home, she saw the movie “The Way” and decided that she wanted to walk the Camino. For those not in the know, that’s the Camino de Santiago – a Pilgrimage that starts in France and ends in Santiago de Compastle, Spain (use Google Maps for this).

Now, for a woman with 19 broken bones, several of them still not healed, and one being the big bone in the ankle that supports all your weight, to make this decision, means a lot. So, I did the manly thing – “Yes, dear.”

For the next two years she progressed from wheelchair to hiking shoes. During that time she also went through numerous surgeries to repair bones that weren’t healing (in total, 13 surgeries).  Finally, we reached the point where she could walk 5 miles with a pack. Quite the accomplishment.

Fast forward to now. She hike across the Pyrenees!

Think about that for a minute. Two-and-a-half years ago she was in a coma. A bit over two years ago she was in a wheelchair.

Of course, the trip hasn’t been a stroll in the park. The first two days were a real struggle. She was carrying a bit more weight than she had trained with, and covered more ground and elevation. The first day out her ankle (remember, the one with the shattered talus and six screws?) swelled up like a softball. The second day, it took her 9 hours to cover 13 kilometers and about 750 meters of elevation gain – something an otherwise healthy adult would probably cover in four to six hour. But she did it!

I won’t mention my role – I think sag-wagon and Sherpa are now my official titles.

So, what I’m getting at is, I’m not writing much until this pilgrimage is done.

See you next month.

Buen Camino!


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