The Final Steps

After a couple of days, I managed to get Trekker formatted for paperback editions. Just need the cover art completed and I’ll publish it.

I know many are waiting (and I had hoped to get this out by today), but things happen. To say that I’ve been busy is to put it mildly (to give you a hint, I’m working over this holiday weekend, with fraud cases stacked up and clients patiently waiting).

I’ll make an announcement as soon as it’s ready.


2 thoughts on “The Final Steps”

  1. The first book was very interesting, looking forward to follow on books. You now have the ‘hero’ and his love interest so the adventures should be excellent. Only one SF book that I have read over the last 60 years comes close in the plot and that is the classic Tunnel in the Sky. But this book,while
    IMPO taking some few elements from the classic, it is very original. I have been reading SciFi for the past 60 years, this is one of the better books I have ever read. Keep it up, looking forward to reading many more books with this world view.


    1. Timothy, Wow! Thanks for the kind comments. I believe you’ll find :Trekker” to be just as good, more like Drake’s “March Upcountry” series (or S.M. Stirling’s “The Sky People”)


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