Not Just All Work – More Movie Reviews

Okay, between formatting Trekker, investigating fraud, and moving youngest spawn into her new apartment in Redmond (she’s attending DigiPen Institute of Technology to earn a BFA in Digital Arts and Animation – she currently does the concept art for my covers – one day to hopefully do the covers), I managed to take a break and see a couple of movies – one with Spawn 2 and the esposa, and the other with just Spawn 2 – Crazy Rich Asians and Alpha.

I truly enjoyed both movies and think both are Oscar worthy. I’m sure many of you have already heard about Crazy Rich Asians, so I won’t go too much into it other than to say it’s predictable but fun.

Alpha, on the other hand, was just amazing. Also predictable, but in a different manner. Many interesting plot twists along the way (and sort of reminds me somewhat of Trekker). I’d love to know who developed the language (or what language it was based on). The entire movie is in this language with English subtitles. Fortunately, there isn’t much dialog, but some of it is truly funny. I’d say this is probably based on a YA novel, but I couldn’t find anything to support that assertion.  Kodi Smit-McPhee does an amazing job as the boy, Keda, and Chuck, who plays the wolf Alpha, also did a great job (I think both deserve Oscars).

Reckon I’ll have to make more room on the DVD shelves in the library (yes, we do have a library in my house, occupied with wall-to-wall built in shelves – which I made – all filled with books and DVDs) for both movies when they come out on DVD. Alas, the library also has a couch and television (where we watch movies – but fortunately don’t have cable/satellite/antenna reception – gag me with a spoon when it comes to the drivel that’s on television).

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