Cover Art

Well, due to my procrastination, and then an artist having to bail (bummer on that – I loved her art work), the cover art for Trekker has taken a while. Good news, though. I have an artist working on it right now.

Most cover art for Indies (independently published authors – which is what I am) is usually done with a graphic designer taking stock images and slapping a title on the book. There might be some manipulation of the image to make it look more illustrated than photographed, but that’s about it. And, for some reason, they always have the person’s back to you, as if the protagonist is looking at something you, too, can see.  I hate that style!

Hence, my long delay in getting an artist. I had to find an illustrator who could create what I wanted, not just pull stock images and slap them together. Yes, it costs a bit more, but I believe the cost and effort is worth it.

I’m really looking forward to what my artist comes up with (based, of course, upon the concept art by my daughter). It will be illustrated, and it will also have Bill and Meri on the cover. I’m aiming for a cuter Meri (just google “cute redheads” and pick one and that will do).

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