Camino de Santiago & the Next Novel

What did you do on your summer vacation James?

Well, I walked. A lot. As a matter of fact, I walked more than 1,000 kilometers. What the hell for? Lots of reasons, but sort of like Forrest Gump, I guess I just like walking.

Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but I’m not going to go into that, other than to say I saw a lot of northern Spain and didn’t have much time to write. That’s because along with walking (a lot!) I was working on a fraud case (which wrapped up last week) and teaching an online class (which wraps up today!). So, done walking, but still traveling. Done working, but still traveling. Almost done teaching, but still traveling.

Guess what else? I’m back to writing. Doing something a bit different with Explorer, in that I’m adding another voice to it. I’ve also managed to write enough to push it into novel territory finally – that means it’s now over 40,000 words long. But, being this is Sci-Fi, that means it’s only about half finished (if that much). Way to much plot to continue writing to wrap up in another 40K words.

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