Typo, Error, or Deliberate?

Just for S&G, I decided to do a Google Search on myself (always want to see what might be happening). Today, I ran into this forum discussion at Mobile Reads: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3885127.

I appears that the discussants are unsure as to whether or not the SS Guppy as described in Trekker is a mistake on my part or not. Well, considering the opportunity for getting sued for copyright infringement, what do you think? Here’s a hint – it was deliberate on my part (having grown up watching some television occasionally – like a couple of weeks every two to three years – we didn’t have television where I lived most of my growing up years – I’m aware of several of the old sitcoms).

Interestingly enough, it appears a couple of the discussants are on the right track as it relates to the story line. I sure hope they are, as I left plenty of clues in the story.

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