Alternative timeline maps

Two things have enthralled me ever since I was a kid: alternate history and maps. Maps, likely because I traveled a lot as a kid (and I mean, a lot!), and alternative history because it’s always interesting to ponder “what if.” Probably the first book of this genre I read was Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Beam Piper. It still remains one of my favorites. I guess you can say both interests influence my life a lot – as I am a professional geographer (I teach geography and cartography part-time) and I write novels about alternative timelines (a little difficult to do, sometimes, particularly when my chocolate lab is yipping because her lacrosse ball rolled under the sofa and I’m not there to immediately lift the sofa for her – I’ll be there in a minute!).

So, back to maps. It seems several have been produced from various novels of “what if”, and here’s the link for your reading/viewing pleasure.

I do believe I’ll include a map in Explorer, as it truly deserves it. Of course, that’ll have to be after I complete it, which the first draft should be done by some time next week (yahoo!).

Stay safe out there.

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