When Will I Publish Book 3?

Lots of people are wondering, where’s Explorer? If you’re one of those people, or even if you’re not, allow me to provide some insight. For the past couple of weeks I managed to get some free time, got over my writer’s block and the stumbling point in the story, and hopped back on the wagon, putting in between one and three thousand words a day. I know. There are some authors out there that release a book a month or a book every other month. That ain’t me. Doesn’t matter why, but until I actually retire, I doubt that I’ll be doing that.

What I will do, though, is continue to write. I am currently at 73K words in Explorer and expect to wrap up writing by the end of November. I’m shooting for about 100K words, which is almost as long as Surveyor but 10K words more than Trekker.

I already have my order in with the cover artist to have my cover ready by December 15th, and my editor is also lined up. So, if all goes well, Explorer will be out by Christmas. Maybe earlier?

Then, it’ll be on to the other books I’ve started. One continues after Explorer, one is the backstory starring Dr. Tm Bowman, and one is a young adult novel set on Hayek.

The backstory series is going to be called The Hayek Chronicles, and Book 1 in that series is called Openings.

Oh, one final note before I log off and go back to writing (and building a shed) – watch for swag coming out soon.

Stay safe out there.

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