Well, thanks to Covid-19 and Governor Inslee, looks like I’ll be trapped on my little mountain for a while. No problem – basic internet (btw, satellite internet, while better than dial-up, still sucks, particularly since Windows 10 likes to suck up all my bandwidth with its constant updates).

You’re probably asking, where’s Explorer?  Still on my computer, barely moved. I know, I suck. But, due to being so freakin’ busy (I’ve had one day off in January and one in February – none in March yet), any down time I have is spent on me (usually watching a movie or reading a book).

Speaking of books, tell your friends to stock up – Amazon delivers electronically and in paper, and B&N also delivers in paper. Pick up both novels and have some fun.

2 thoughts on “Trapped!”

    1. I’m over 73K words (shooting for a 100K), writing about 1-2K words a day. I’ll be finished by December, so expect something before the end of the year.


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