New Author/Old Friend

As most of you who follow me (I’m looking at all three of you!) know, I generally read science fiction (or, as my wife calls it, Space Trash). I’m mostly into alternative history/multiverse stuff (duh!) and military sci-fi/space opera, along with historical fiction (usually related to WW2), along with contemporary cultural stuff (such as the Robert E. Lee and Me book I mentioned in an earlier post, or American Nations which is mentioned in Explorer, and just about anything by Peter Zeihan). Occasionally, I’ll delve into police procedural/fiction, or mystery, such as Apprehension by Mark Bergin or just about anything by Joseph Wambaugh.

So, what the heck does the title mean, New Author/Old Friend? Well, today, I found a new author who just so happens to be an old friend. Back in the ’80s, when I attended the University of Miami, my RA was an aspiring writer (more a screenwriter, I thought, but…). The other day we connected through LinkedIn, and it turns out he’s no longer an aspiring writer, rather he’s a writer – a mystery writer, to be specific. It turns out he has a series of books out, which I’ve just bought the first of (not sure when I’ll have time to read it). Anyhow, if you’re into mysteries, check out H.B. Berlow‘s books on Amazon. The first in the series is Ark City Confidential.

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