New Alt-History Author: James A Fisher

So, the other day, I was surfing Amazon looking for some good books to read (which I do, occasionally) and came across a new Alt-History book, The Eyes of Courage by James A. Fisher. This is how a good book catches your attention – a great cover followed by a good blurb. I decided to give it a chance and enjoyed it.

The plot opens with what I consider a standard trope – guy from our timeline steps through a portal to another timeline. From there, it becomes really interesting. Like Surveyor, it starts a bit slow, but it’s also hard to put down (too many nights I wound up reading until midnight). I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the second installment.

One thought on “New Alt-History Author: James A Fisher”

  1. I appreciate the kind words and the mention of my book. Thank you, Mr. Peet! Subsequent to his post of May 8, I decided to revert to the original cover and title, HIDDEN FROM OUR EYES: An Alternate History (by James A Fisher). Only this time, it’s the second edition and it has the same content as the book referenced by Mr. Peet, except for the ending. I am in the process of writing the sequel which will have a cover similar to the one Mr. Peet liked. It should be completed by the end of the year. Hope this isn’t confusing, but the reason for the change is that the original book, first edition of HIDDEN FROM OUR EYES, had 28 ratings on Amazon with several good reviews. This way I can keep the good reviews and not let them go to waste. By the way, Mr. Peet’s ability to create and build alternate worlds is truly awesome. I have enjoyed his books! –J. Fisher


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