“I really enjoyed this one”

Got the draft of Openings back from the editor today. The line above was the second sentence in her email. Gotta love it when you get emails like this. The full sentence was “I really enjoyed this one–I mean, I’ve liked them all, but this was fascinating, it was so great to see how it all started.”

I guess I’ll spend a week or two refining the copy so it either comports with my editor’s comments, or not (remember, if writing, you are the master of your own wordsmith!).

I know, I know. “When will Openings be released James?” or “Damnit Jim, we’re readers, and we gotta read!” Patience grasshopper (or for the newer generation, “Soon, Padwan.”). I’m also tweaking the cover. All while trying to do this after toe joint replacement (ever try to write at a desk with a foot-rest under it, pushing the screen closer to the edge while you have to sit further back due to said position of foot under desk?).

So, back to the original question of “when will Openings be released?” Not certain, but figure within the month. If you’d like advance notice of the release date (i.e., a personal email) make sure you’ve sent me your email. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all my readers/fans/groupies purchased Openings on the release date? That would certainly put the Amazon algorithms up and push my book to the top (I would love to see that #1 New Release banner on the release date – hint, hint).

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