Too many WIPS!

Ok, so I know that sometimes I tend to do more than I should (my wife says I can’t say “No” to a project), so here’s my conundrum. I’ve got three Works In Progress (WIP) not including Openings. The issue is that I’d like to knock them out one at a time, rather than working on them simultaneously (as I’ve been doing). Which one first?

The three books are a sequel to Openings, a fourth book in the Corps of Discovery Series, and a stand-alone YA novel (based on Hayek a few years before Surveyor). BTW, none of this includes any of the other books I’ve got floating around in my overactive brain case.

In case you’re wondering where this is going, it’s my way of processing how to proceed. At bat is the YA novel, with Reset (the sequel to Openings) on deck. Sorry fans of Bill of Meri, but you’re gonna have to wait a bit, as the fourth in the Corps of Discovery series is in the hole (gotta love baseball terminology – did I ever tell you I played baseball from the 1st through 6th grade?).

I think my AU series of a tank destroyer unit (haven’t decided if it’ll be at the company, battalion, or CRT level yet) is gonna have to wait another year 😦 (very sad face, I really want to get this out). But, don’t despair – it’ll be set in one of the AUs already covered.

Oh, did I mention I still have to work my fraud investigative business (or forensic accounting for fraud as otherwise described), plus I still get to teach my Geography & Cartography for Worldbuilding class once a semester at Digipen Institute of Technology (love teaching there – great, smart kids – plus my youngest just graduated from there with her BFA in Digital Art & Animation).

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