East Side Sushi

I’m thinking this blog might turn into a bit of a conscious stream. We’ll see.  Anyway, just saw the movie East Side Sushi about a young lady from the East Bay (if you’re from the Bay Area you know what this means) who decides to become a sushi chef.  She winds up working in a sushi restaurant (did I mention she was Hispanic) and eventually in a sushi competition.

While the outcome was obvious, ordained, expected, it was still, IMNSO, a great movie.  It shows how we can adopt other cultures, adapt them to our own, but still honor the original.

I’m giving it two thumbs up.


G’day, eh.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m the author of the Corps of Discovery series (not the ghost author), so if you enjoy speculative fiction, you’ve come to the right place.  Never having blogged, this should be interesting. I don’t post much, or often, but I’ll occasionally throw something out there, so stay tuned.

Cute photo below.  I think it reflects the second book, Trekker.